Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Few Ideas To Make Life Happier

1. A Hand-Written Letter: I recently received one from a friend. It was nice to see my name written, not typed, on the envelop and even moreso to see the very personal art of the hand-written word, now mostly lost in standardized fonts. Reading it was so much more personal because I was holding the same paper he held, looking at the ink from a pen he held. It was part communique and part artifact. Where will our shoebox of old love letters go? When our grandkids want to study the courtship of their parent's parents, will they have to go to a vintage computer wherehouse? And even if the letters themselves are retrievable, there will still be loss. There will be no postage stamp with date and locale, no old, wrinkled and faded letter that future grandparents, full of hope and anticipation, held in their own hands some 50 years ago. Simply put, if we do not continue to exchange hand-written letters with those we love, we will have an archeological disaster on our carpol-tunneled hands.

2. Give a Living Funeral: Our resume's are our living documents of what we have learned and accomplished in the world. Our eulogies are final statements about how we loved and what we meant to the world. Yet isn't the latter so much more important? And sometimes it simply isn't enough to know that you are loved. Sometimes it's nice to know why you are loved. So next time a friend has a birthday, give them a funeral party.

3.Phone Book Party: A co-worker of mine recently had his brother pass away. At our staff meeting he shared his brother's obituary. His brother, John Binder, had had a successful career in the Air Force and was loved by many. He also had a keen sense of humor and adventure. This was one example: One day Mr. Binder got curious and opened the white pages of his local phone book. He found that quite a few Mr. Binders also lived in his vicinity. Of those, there were a good number of John Binders. This was cause for celebration. He called each and every one of them and invited them to his house for a party. Some of those John Binders accepted his invitation and no one at that party had any problems remebering names! You're turn: